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It's our second anniversary, and Gordon takes on the record industry.

(You'd think that between this and the WGA strike, his little activist heart would be happy, but noooo....)

Also, we discuss some free/low cost records, especially Radiohead's newest...


Ooh, a scary podcast - it's unedited, so there's....gaps and stuff.

(But anyway, it's my responses to people who read my blog and ask stuff)


This isn't the RYSO for cream puffs - this will blow your minds.

Ladies & gentlemen....the Sonics!


It is what it says - a little cranky commentary about contemporary politics from me.

Please don't hate me 'cause I'm curmudgeonly, or use words like "curmudgeonly"


Hopefully, it should upload *this* time - a take on some classic old school Chicago punk.

Plus, a wacky little prank - join on in!


We handle a documentary *and* a tribute CD all in the same podcast.

Note - my computer was acting wonky; hence, the sound quality varies. If you have a problem with this, please buy me a decent mike.

Or send me a ton of money through PayPal.

Yes, I can be nakedly greedy, why do you ask?


First, the song used is The Damned's "Sick of Being Sick" - appropriate, don't you think?

Also, I talk about Michael Moore's SICKO, with a bonus trashing of BORAT. Enjoy!

No f-bombs, but some salty language.


Yeah, I ramble a little bit, but ya know what?....I haven't done comics - or a podcast - in awhile.

Plus, if you want to check out "Over the Counter Culture", head to


As Cabbage Head from KITH once asked, "Why don't you play something Shaft?"

We aim to please.

PLUS: A Bonus Rant!


Hey, people who read my blog ask questions, so I provide answers! Yes, it's more wacky cuckoo nutso fun as I read and answer the kinds of things that you want to know about.

If you have a question - or would like to record a promo to be played on the podcast - give me a call at 206-203-3032. Appropriate charges apply.

Thanks for listening!


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